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Dr. Firestien offers a variety of products including books, audio cassettes and video tapes to gain the competitive advantage you need to thrive in a volatile business world and create extraordinary results. Products are geared for both individuals and organizations in business and industry, government agencies, associations, healthcare, and education.

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Leading on the Creative Edge: Gaining Competitive Advantage Through the Power of Creative Problem Solving Leaders play a vital role in nurturing and developing others' creativity. Whether leading a multi-million-dollar corporation or helping a volunteer group, leaders make the difference between whether their employees' creativity is nurtured or destroyed. You'll find numerous examples of the extraordinary results created by those who have chosen to lead on the creative edge.
230 pages, $20.00
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The Creative Problem Solving Workbook
Subtitled "Explore the Challenge, Generate Ideas, Prepare for Action", this booklet is used in Roger's training sessions throughout the country, and in his graduate course at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College. It is available as a free download in PDF format. The PDF Reader and browser plugins are available on the Adobe website -

From Basics to Breakthroughs: A Guide to Better Thinking and Decision Making
In this cassette program you will experience proven techniques for becoming deliberately creative. This program is ideal for introducing or reinforcing a Creative Problem Solving training program.
Two 45-minute cassettes and guidebook

Why Didn't I Think of That? A Personal and Professional Guide to Better Ideas and Decision Making
In about one hour you will learn 10 tools to help you become deliberately creative, develop more ideas, work more effectively in teams, and evaluate the ideas of others without idea slaughtering.
73 pages, $10.00
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Breakthrough: Getting Better Ideas
Seven Ways to Jump Start Your Creativity

This audio cassette will introduce you to 7 proven techniques for becoming deliberately creative. By taking control of your creative ability, you can begin to turn problems into opportunities, develop more options, and help others do the same.
60-minute audio cassette
Unleashing the Power of Creativity
This video shows you why creativity is essential, not just for survival or growth, but to sharpen your competitive edge. It helps you understand why it is crucial to apply your creative ability in the workplace at every opportunity. The video and accompanying facilitator's manual outline specific ways to conduct a Creative Problem Solving session, with complete guidance provided for participants and the program facilitator.
41-minute video with facilitator's manual
Power Think: Achieving Your Goals Through Mental Rehearsal
Experience the transformational thinking techniques presented in the "Power Think" seminar anytime you wish. Based on the program that has been delivered to over 20,000 people, this tape is ideal for individuals who want to create a workable system to accomplish their personal visions and "pro-act" for the future. The winners in business, education, athletics, and life are where they are because of the visions they create about their future.
60-minute audio cassette
"Stretch for Ideas" Spring
To get good ideas you need to stretch your thinking. These rainbow-colored "stretch for ideas" springs are a great reminder to go beyond the obvious ideas and stretch for more.
Single spring
Package of 25 springs
Brainwriting with Post-Its®
Remember how easy it was to generate ideas using the brainwriting technique? And how easy it was to then take the ideas you had written on Post-Its® and cluster them with your stick-em-up brainstorming ideas? These forms with attached Post-Its® can accelerate the effectiveness of any creative Problem Solving session.
Package of 100
"Don't Be a Croc" Crocodiles
A reptile's reaction to a new idea is to attack it, eat it, or run from it ... so don't be a reptile when it comes to new ideas! These flexible crocs are a constant reminder to stay open to new ideas. They remind you and others of the value of deferring judgement when generating new ideas.
Single croc
Package of 25 crocs

Brilliant, Simply Brilliant!
Here are five Million-Dollar ideas you've got to see! These ideas challenged the way we think and are great for starting a meeting and warming up an idea-generating session. Titles include Over & Outta Here, There's Something About Judy, Plastic Gold, Play It Again, Vin ! and Thinking Inside The Box. To order this video series, or to see a preview tape, call Pro-Media Television at 1-888-777-9144.

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