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Over & Outta Here

Meet a man from a city by a bay. Hear about his brilliant idea, one that gave all his neighbors two years of free time - an idea that's been adopted around the world, in every country that has water to be crossed.

There's Something About Judy

A very bright lady named Judy, keen on her scholastic duty...performs an amazing little animal act with a four-legged friend. It leaves the growups gasping, and the kids logged-on. Step right up, folks!

Plastic Gold

Brainstorming for a new product idea, Anita D. discovered a way to turn plastic into gold. You've no doubt seen her creation where you live. It makes cash registers ring 'round the world, in every country that has October.

Play It Again, Vin!

A certain TV show was one of the most profitable ever. Why? Because the producer doesn't pay his actors a dime - or even his crews. He tells how he invented a video water engine - a product made of scrap.

Thinking Inside The Box

A product development team at Kodak, inspired by the Over & Outta Here idea, tried to achieve something equally brilliant. And they did - while simultaneously saving millions of dollars and zillions of trees.


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